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We're pleased to announce that New South is now accepting submissions through Tell it Slant, an online submission manager. For a small fee that's roughly the cost of printing and posting paper submissions, Tell it Slant will save time, reduce paper waste, and increase our efficiency. Please submit your work here: Tell it Slant


The Winter 2010 issue of New South features the work of Karen Lee Boren, Kara Candito, Steven Church, Chad Davidson, Mark Halliday, T.R. Hummer, Allison Joseph, Maurice Manning, Chelsea Rathburn, Kevin Wilson, and many others.

We are not accepting regular submissions of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction until September. We are, however, reading submissions for our "Short Prose, Long Poem Issue."

New South recently interviewed Laura McCullough, author of What Men Want. Click here to read their discussion of her new book, Stephen Dunn, and grief and writing.


Last updated: June 3, 2010