submission guidelines

New South seeks to publish high quality work, regardless of genre, form, or regional ties. We are looking for what is new, what is fresh, what is different, whether it comes from the Southern United States, the South of India, or the North, East or West of Anywhere. Of course, the best way to figure out what our editors are interested in would be to read a copy of New South. Please visit our subscription page for more information.

Due to the volume of the submissions we receive and our tendency to offer a substantial sampling of work from the authors we feature, we can publish only a small number of the poems, essays, and stories submitted to us. We accept and encourage simultaneous submissions, but please notify us as soon as your work is accepted elsewhere. New South only considers unpublished work and acquires first North American serial rights.

* Fiction: Submit one story up to 9,000 words in length, or up to five short-shorts under 1,000 words each.
* Poetry: Submit up to five poems per document.
* Essays: Submit creative nonfiction or lyric essay up to 9,000 words in length. For criticism, please query first.

to submit:

New South now accepts submissions exclusively through Tell It Slant, an online submissions manager. For a small fee that's roughly the cost of printing and posting paper submissions, Tell it Slant saves time, reduces paper waste, and increases our efficiency. Please submit your work here: Tell it Slant

For questions concerning guidelines, or for information on free submissions for subscribers, please contact Matt Sailor at

***New South does not currently accept unsolicited paper submissions under any circumstances. We will recycle all paper submissions, unread, without notifying the writer.

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